Pulling Together

Pulling Together

Pop! Fizzle! Snap!

That noise, the noise made when pulling off the small tab from a can of soda, was music to Monica’s ears. Born with Down syndrome, Monica Jakubisin was also born with a compassionate heart and strong desire to help families facing uncertain circumstances. During Monica’s first job after high school, she learned about the impact that donating the little tabs of aluminum had in helping families staying at the Ronald McDonald House. The organization works with a local recycler to turn donated tabs into cash to help families staying at the House.

Monica knew the purpose of the Ronald McDonald House was to help families stay close by when their child was in the hospital. Monica had enough hospital experience to know that you want your family to be near when you are sick.

Mary Ellen Jakubisin, Monica’s mother

From that moment forward, Monica has been committed in collecting tabs any time she sees them on an empty can. She places the tabs into sandwich baggies and cups and then into a bigger container for easy storage. Word of Monica’s philanthropic efforts eventually reached her extended family in Florida, and during the family’s visit to the sunshine state, they presented her with a box full of pull tabs to contribute to her donation. In April 2015, Monica and her family made their first visit to the Ronald McDonald House to donate her collection of pull tabs. When she arrived, House volunteers weighed the tabs…10 lbs worth, which totaled more than 10,000 pull tabs!

Thrilled with her donation, Monica wanted to keep pulling for the House so she could do her part. Last spring, Monica learned that the Ronald McDonald House would be hosting their inaugural Pull Tab Palooza event. All were welcome to visit the House, interact with guests and pet therapy volunteers, and watch a magic show by Ronald McDonald. Monica was sold, and in May she and her family once again made a special visit to donate her pull tab collection and contributed to the 4,600+ lbs of pull tabs that were donated by the community that day!

Thank you, Monica, for pulling for the Ronald McDonald House! We hope to see you at this year’s Pull Tab Palooza on Friday, May 19, 9 am-6 pm, at the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland!