Youth Service

Youth Opportunities

Ways for Kids to Make a Difference

We love kids at the Ronald McDonald House! We are always inspired at the many requests we get from young people and youth organizations who want to help support our mission. The minimum age for direct volunteering in our programs ranges from 13 – 18 depending on the type of service, but there are many ways for kids of all ages to make a difference with us! Below are just some of the ways young people can contribute.

Little boy dumping pull tabs into dumpster

Pull Tabs

Did you know that 1 lb. = approximately 1,000 tabs? Collecting pull tabs is a fun and easy way to help our families! We take tabs from any container (pet food, soda pop, soup, etc.) and recycle them for money that pays for things families need. Recruit your friends, family, school or group and join the fun!   Click here for information on collecting, how to get started, and even an application to join the Morgan Stock Collect-a-Million Club!




Wish List Donation

A Daisy Troop drops off cookies, cards and wish list items.

Wish List Drives

It takes a lot of stuff to care for our many families and we go through a lot of household items every day! Wish Lists help us get the things we need right when we need them. By hosting a Wish List drive, you can make a direct impact by providing much-needed basic items like snacks, cleaning supplies, pantry items and more. Be creative in involving your school, group, friends and family to donate these much-needed supplies. Click here to find out more and see what’s on the list today.

Other Creative Fundraisers

Do you like to bake, make lemonade, or have a special talent to share? Bake sales, lemonade stands and selling crafts are just a few examples of ways kids have raised funds for the House. One girl even did cartwheels! Or, if you are interested in arranging something on a larger scale, recruit an adult and check out our information on hosting a fundraising event.