Cleveland Room Request

Request a Room at the Cleveland House

We’d love to welcome you into our House, and help you feel right at home.

With our comfortable environment, supportive services, and amenities including daily meals, our goal is to help you stay strong so you can focus on what matters most — the health of your child.

Eligibility and Requirements

A hospital referral is needed as part of the room request process.* New room requests are placed on the waiting list until eligibility requirements, background check clearance and scheduling are confirmed by RMHC Northeast Ohio staff. Please note the criminal background check can take 1-2 days to process. Room requests can be made up to seven days prior to your arrival.

Please Note: A room request is NOT a room reservation and you will need to receive confirmation on room availability.

*Please have your nurse, coordinator or social worker call the House at 216-229-5758 x1010. We will then send you the room request and background check information.

For accessible versions of PDF documents, please call the manager at 216-229-5758 x1010 or email

Plan for your visit by browsing the House amenities page photos, descriptions and virtual tour.


The cost to provide a room and meals for a family is more than $150 per night. We rely on donations to cover these costs so we can offer our services free of charge to families.

Pay-a-Stay allows current and previous House guests to make donations online. Families may also ask friends, relatives, and colleagues to make a donation to support the House.

Here are some alternate places to stay if we are unable to accommodate you.