Super Donation Brings Joy to Families

Super Donation Brings Joy to Families

Up in the sky! It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s 4,000 comic books making their way to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland!

Bob Watson has been reading comic books for as long as he can remember, and began collecting them around the age of 8. Over the years, he found hope and inspiration in the journeys of the heroes he followed as they battled numerous villains and overcame personal struggles. His love of comics really began to soar during high school when his mom bought him Spider-Man #1, which at that time was already a much sought-after comic book. During the 1980s, Bob began collecting comics in quantity. From Marvel to DC, he amassed more than 4,000 comics that followed the likes of the Avengers, Batman, Wonder Woman and Star Wars.

As the years went by, Bob’s efforts collecting comic books slowed as he started a family and worked as a letter carrier. Never far away though were the comic books and the tales of heroes from around the galaxy. As Bob’s daughter, Sarah, grew, so too did her love for comic books. What was once just Bob’s passion turned into a bonding experience between father and daughter. Sarah has since turned her passion for comics into professional works as she’s honed her skills drawing everything from animals at the zoo to entering an art contest in 2007’s Superman Celebration in Metropolis, IL.

As the nation’s interest in comics began to explode in the early 2000s with movies like X-Men and Spider-Man, so too did the desire for people to want to meet these heroes in person. Bob eventually would go on to dress up as Lex Luther, Superman’s arch nemesis, and even as Superman himself. Various other super hero groups began to emerge, one of them being Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio, a nonprofit whose mission is to spread good will through simple acts of kindness and recognize individuals who’ve battled through adversity, all while being dressed as the most iconic super heroes. The group has since become partners with the Ronald McDonald House in 2016, hosting super visits and activities for our families once a month, annually sponsoring guest room 218, attending events like Pull Tab Palooza in 2017 and 2018, and raising awareness, funds and countless smiles and laughter for the House.

With Bob’s collection of comic books totaling more than 4,000, he and his family realized that it was becoming increasingly difficult to move so many books. Looking for a home where he could donate his comics so that others could get as much joy out of them as he and Sarah did, Bob found the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland, who then invited their amazing friends from Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio to welcome Bob and his donation of comic books.

I wanted to make sure kids would get to read these books and the Ronald McDonald House was a great fit. When I learned Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio was involved it was fantastic! They also received some comics and I’m so happy they’ll be distributed to kids far and wide!

Bob Watson

Since Bob’s generous donation, Ronald McDonald House and Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio have given many of his books to families and kids who are embarking in their own journeys of adversity. Within the books they are able to find examples of strength and hope that help them in their own battles. Please join us in thanking Bob and Super Heroes to Kids in Ohio for their generosity, support and for being super inspirations for our very own heroes of the House! Excelsior!