Expanded Kitchen Patio Accessible to All

Expanded Kitchen Patio Accessible to All

The Ronald McDonald House celebrated the grand reopening of the newly renovated and expanded kitchen patio with families and friends from Majestic Steel USA on August 23, 2017. After the official ribbon cutting, Majestic Steel provided dinner for the families staying at the House.

The patio is a gift from Majestic Steel USA. Majestic associates re-laid the bricks, built a retaining wall and granite countertop, installed a new grill, and planted vegetables to feed families. They also made the garden path handicapped accessible and added tables that accommodate wheelchairs. Anchoring the space is a magnificent 10-foot steel tree by artist Raymond Bugelski.

Since January 2017, Majestic has provided financial and volunteer support to the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. In addition to the patio renovation, they cook family meals monthly, provide volunteers at several events, and completed group projects around the House. Majestic sponsors a room at the House and several events, including Pull Tab Palooza.

Says Melissa Duda, director of HR, “Working with the Ronald McDonald House benefits our staff in many ways. They want to help the community, and the Ronald McDonald House connects them to families and children. It’s also a great team building exercise and an opportunity to make connections within our company to people you don’t normally work with.”

Garden volunteers Nathalie and Greta are especially grateful for Majestic associates’ help. They saved volunteers hours of work moving soil, mulching, and installing an irrigation system so that they no longer have to hand water the area.

Jonathan Leebow, executive vice president and part owner of Majestic, feels the mission of his company—to create a majestic experience for all—and that of the Ronald McDonald House closely align. And giving his staff the opportunity to help others makes his company stronger.

Having a magnificent experience outside business helps our people. Staff living a balanced life is good for business

Jonathan Leebow

Pam Elefritz, an 18-year associate at Majestic, summed up her experience. “Helping the Ronald McDonald House is very fulfilling work, It’s touching, emotional, and hits my heart. These families are going through a lot. You really don’t know what the Ronald McDonald House does until you get involved.”

Volunteering opportunities at the Ronald McDonald House are available for companies, organizations, family groups, and individuals.