Making Connections. Finding Hope. The Gebura Family Story.

Making Connections. Finding Hope. The Gebura Family Story.

Mother and baby in smiling in hospital roomCourtney and Justin Gebura knew the birth of their son Crosby would be a challenge, but also the greatest blessing. During their pregnancy, doctors informed them that their son would be born with a birth defect. A due date operation was set, and Courtney and Justin waited excitedly and anxiously for their son.

With three months to go, Crosby was excited to meet mom and dad too. On September 21, 2015 Crosby entered the world. However, arriving 12 weeks early meant that doctors could no longer perform the original operation.

What was supposed to be a brief stay has turned into a yearlong stay for Crosby. It was during these countless hours in the NICU that Courtney and Justin were told about the Ronald McDonald House of Cleveland. There was a bed, food, and shuttle service back to the hospital. They were sold.

Living at the House has had a big impact on Courtney and Justin and has helped them become better parents for Crosby. “The other families who live here really keep life in perspective. We’re from all different walks of life. Yet everyone comes together because we’re here for the same reason. Everyone caring for each other and having others to talk to…that has been super helpful.”

Each day Crosby continues to make progress under the careful eye of his parents. They hope to take him home in time for the holidays. Until then we’ll be here, keeping them close. Donate today!