Anything we needed or asked for, we got.

Kimberly Fountain was already familiar with the Ronald McDonald House when she and her daughter Robyn came in August for Robyn’s surgery. Robyn is affected by spinal dysplasia, a genetic disorder that affects bones and joints and hinders growth and development. They have made the trip from Virginia many times to meet with a specialist at the Akron Children’s Hospital’s spinal dysplasia clinic.

“We literally have to fly across three states to find a specialist with our disorder and have had to come back many times,” said Kimberly. “If it wasn’t for the Ronald McDonald House, I would have had to work much harder to raise the money to come see this specialist.”

Kimberly and Robyn stayed at the House for almost two weeks after Robyn’s surgery and really enjoyed their stay, especially that their needs were all taken care of.

“We never had to go to the grocery store, and we were able to fix our own food anytime we wanted,” said Kimberly. “It gave Robyn an excuse to get up, get out of bed, and move around.”

Kimberly shared that Robyn especially liked that she could prepare whatever she liked – being on pain medication, there were many foods that didn’t settle well in her stomach, and having a choice was very helpful.

“Anything we needed or asked for, we got,” said Kimberly. “One night Robyn came downstairs and didn’t have her slippers on. When she came down, one of the employees found her a pair of slippers she could wear to be more comfortable. I felt comfortable allowing her the freedom to do things alone – it was a real load off my mind.”

Being close to the hospital was also very beneficial, Robyn’s nurses were close by and were even able to walk over on their lunch break to check in on her.

Robyn is back to being a normal kid again and has recovered well from her surgery, but both Robyn and Kimberly anticipate staying at the Ronald McDonald House again for future specialist visits.

“Ronald McDonald House Akron allows me to be more confident and relaxed and gives Robyn an environment that allows her to work through her recovery on her own but with a lot of support,” said Kimberly.

The Ronald McDonald House Akron has been helping thousands of families like the Fountains stay close to their children during hospital stays since 1985. Donations fund 98% of the operating costs of the House and it’s important for the community to rally together and help other families in need.

“To put it short and sweet: without the Ronald McDonald House Akron, my daughter’s recovery would not have been the same and the outcome would not have been as good,” said Kimberly.


No matter how big or small, a donation will help Ronald McDonald House Akron run and help many other families like the Fountains. Find out how you can help here.

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