A Place to be a Kid: Jazmine’s Story

A Place to be a Kid: Jazmine’s Story

Jazmine Esquivel and her mom Maria travel to Cleveland from Western Ohio for highly specialized care. Jazmine feels very secure at the House and hams it up whenever Maria pulls out the camera, whether on the playground or riding the elevator at RMH. Below, Maria describes how the House helps her get Jazmine the care she needs.

My daughter’s name is Jazmine. She is four years old and has a rare chromosomal disorder called microdeletion syndrome. Because of this, we need to come to Cleveland to see a lot of specialists, including for genetics.

It was very helpful being able to stay at the Ronald McDonald house instead of driving many hours back and forth each day for Jazmine’s doctor visits. It took away a lot of the stress of worrying if we would have the money to pay for a hotel. The House helped tremendously and we are very thankful for it, and grateful for the staff and volunteers. Without this support I probably would have been lost.

—Maria Esquivel


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